Liam Coulcher, Copywriter.


Foe of the verbose.

Champion of concepts.  

Just me, thinking about character counts.

Just me, thinking about character counts.


Liam Coulcher

面影 (hiragana おもかげ, romaji omokage) - vestige, trace.

面 - face, surface, mask

影 - light, a shape or form reflected in light, a shadow

Growing up with illustration-inclined siblings meant that in order to compete, I had to nurture my eye for visual detail. But for the life of me, I couldn't draw. My hand was too erratic and excitable, which much better suited scribbling notes and computing my huge ideas. So, my natural love of art and design manifested itself through the use of words. Which led me to pursue the career that utilised what I do best. Writing.

Two years of experience in agencies creatively copywriting and editing, I'm very much biting at the heels of my brother and sister. I conceive ideas from the very beginning, infusing concepts with words and words with a story. This is what makes writing so special — it's the roots of a visualisation, it's creative conversation. 





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